Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Much "School" Happening?

If you homeschool you know that there will be those days when nothing goes right and it seems that very little actual schoolwork gets done. But, if you change your thinking you will see that it is actually very little "coursework" or "text work" that gets done. Your kids are learning around the clock.

If you are ill or caring for another ill person in the family you can ask your children who are capable to fix meals. Everything you let your kids do to help them feel more self sufficient benefits them greatly! Not only does their self esteem sky rocket because they know they can do it but when they do go out on their own they will feel prepared. After all, if you think of the fact that from infancy we are gradually just preparing them for adulthood then you may see this as a form of "schoolwork". It will also make them better spouses and parents!

Most children that can say sentences can perform simple chores and more. These should always be age appropriate but in today's world it seems that chores are lost on a lot of families. Many people have housekeepers, never eat at home and dry clean everything. Gone are the days of tending the animals and land which instilled a value of hard work in children. Families with all of today's conveniences have to really think about how they will teach their children how satisfying physical work is as well as taking pride in your possessions.

So, if you, like many, are having a day where you think nothing is happening as far as formal education just look at it in another light. Maybe your kids are learning to get along and behave themselves without structure and instruction. Could anything be better than that?

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