Sunday, March 21, 2010

Information on homeschool for Military families?

We are looking for anyone who has information regarding US Military families that homeschool. Some thoughts we are interested in are:
  1. How do you make it work while being stationed abroad?
  2. Do you find a lot of on base support?
  3. Do you meet much resistance or negativity?
  4. What are the pros and cons for your family?
  5. What programs do you find friendly for your family?

Anyone with input please feel free to leave comments. They do go through approval before we post them just so we don't get spam and because we are here as a support to families as well as a valuable source of information. We do not want comments full of negativity about homeschooling in general. We do welcome an objective point of view and knowing what works for you so please share!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Homeschool Abroad

My family is in an interesting situation. My husband has joined the military a little later than everyone else (age 37) and he has just received orders to his duty station in South Korea. The interesting thing is that it is for three years. So, with our four children we are taking this huge leap into the unknown hoping that it will be a grand adventure, help our children educationally and culturally and let them have the best of both worlds.

Naturally, because I have not been to South Korea (or many other places for that matter, I am not normally an adventurous traveller) I am nervous. However, I have told my children that without stretching our limits or comfort zone - no growth comes. I hope I am right that this "adventure" will be what is good for them as a growing experience.

Part of what I find attractive about this experience is learning so much about the country of South Korea, it's people and history. I am also intrigued by the climate and geography of the country. It will be a wonderful place to be for inexpensive travel to so many places on that side of the world that we would normally not have the opportunity to visit. Places like Japan, China, Singapore, Taiwan and more.

I am hoping that at least for a little while I will be able to continue our current homeschool curriculum and lifestyle. I will be enrolling in online classes for myself as well. It will be nice if I have to do a few general education classes (despite my previous college credits) because it will give me a chance to figure out what I would like to focus on with my degree. I can't imagine anything better than getting my education along side my children and showing them that even in your mid thirties it is never to late to have your grand adventure!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring Has Sprung!

It is getting warmer where we live! Just like the rest of the nation we are having weird weather patterns that are a bit unpredictable but lately we are up to 60 degrees which is heavenly!

The kids and I have a bit of spring fever so to mix things up and add some spice to our days we go to the park with our lunches. We are lucky that in our area there are several city parks that are within just a few miles radius of our home. We just pack our lunch and sports equipment and go! It's fun to swing in the sunshine, have a catch or shoot some hoops! The kids also love big open fields of grass where they can just run freely.

I have found that the kids are much more willing to get up early and get to their lessons and chores knowing that lunch time will bring such a welcome break and then when we return home they are always ready to focus again and so am I! Amazing what sunshine, food and exercise can do for your brain! It's been a welcome change and we are making memories to last a lifetime!

Another idea that I use for spring is that when the weather gets over 75, as long as their is not a strong breeze, we do schoolwork outside on the patio. The kids really love being outdoors and it gives them a change of scenery. I think that those of us who were schooled in public schools recall how nice it was to get to switch rooms or to go out for recess. Our homeschool kids need the same change of scenery and they deserve it!

Happy spring to all! Hopefully your weather is cooperating to provide you with some sunshine and fun as well!