Thursday, January 28, 2010

Handwriting Without Tears - A Review

Handwriting Without Tears is a great handwriting program that takes the worry out of handwriting. For many parents and teachers handwriting can be a daily struggle. With this program your children are sure to come to you begging to do their handwriting for the day.

The above is just one of the many books available and as you can see they are extremely affordable. There is also a vast amount of support online for this program and the teacher's guides are the greatest because they take the guesswork out of how to present concepts and in what order to give things to the student.

Jan Olsen founded this method in 1977 in an effort to help her own son overcome his struggles with handwriting in the first grade. She was then asked to help the other students because of the level of success. Now we have a complete program for all ages that works like a charm. They also hold training events and more to help those that are using the program. It is excellent to have so much support.

If you are having doubts on which handwriting method to use this is a great one to try. It takes the guess work out of things and the curriculum is low cost. It has been proven to work for so many that chances are you will find great relief and success here.

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