Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cultural & Artistic Exeriences

Most communities are full of events that some of us never know about and even if we do we don't partake of them to the fullest! I know that in our community there are many musical events, art exhibits, theatrical productions and more that are little to no cost and we still don't use them as much as we should.

These events are great for kids. First they are exposed to the talent of others and gain an appreciation. They also see that if they have a real interest in something there is a path to follow and a way to be seen and heard. To me an important part of these affairs is to have people grow up and know how to behave and be socially comfortable in these environments. Then when they are older and they are asked to attend an art gala they know what to expect and how to mingle and dress appropriately. Knowing these things makes one confident and self assured!

Exposure to all different events (age appropriate of course) is a great tool in helping our children become well rounded. I am only living in my current area for about six more weeks but it is so rich in talent and events that I hope to take my children and let them experience as much as possible.

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