Sunday, January 24, 2010

Homeschool Handwriting

Some homeschool families may from time to time have problems with handwriting curriculum and/or getting your students to cooperate and write in a tidy manner. In my own homeschooling experience I have one out of three that has developed good handwriting and it isn't one of my daughters!

Here are a few great handwriting programs that may help you. Some cost little to nothing and then others are pricey. This is one of those issues where you simply have to think about what your specific needs are and what your budget is when considering.

The Writing Road to Reading by Spalding - This is for grades K through 6. The greatest part about this program is that it is easily adaptable for all ages and all grades. Another great aspect is that unlike most phonics based programs this program covers ALL the sounds that letters make. For example, the letter "A" actually has three different sounds in our language. This program addresses this and helps children decode our language readily once they learn all the sounds. It ties in excellent handwriting technique that is very specific and easy to teach and easy to learn. This program is very affordable. There is one main book that you need and then they ask you to have composition books for the student that meet certain requirements.

Sing, Spell, Read and Write - First off, this is a great program. With that said, be careful to shop around and not pay more than you have to for it. I have personally used this program and the child in my house that did it has the best handwriting and spelling. This is a fun and motivating program that puts learning to music and helps the child see their progress. They get up excited every morning for this program and it's all about having fun and enjoying learning. Truly a great time and so nice that it covers so many educational aspects in such a small amount of time each day.

These are just two ideas. There are many handwriting programs and if you use box curriculum you will find that each company or school uses their own method.

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