Monday, March 15, 2010

Homeschool Abroad

My family is in an interesting situation. My husband has joined the military a little later than everyone else (age 37) and he has just received orders to his duty station in South Korea. The interesting thing is that it is for three years. So, with our four children we are taking this huge leap into the unknown hoping that it will be a grand adventure, help our children educationally and culturally and let them have the best of both worlds.

Naturally, because I have not been to South Korea (or many other places for that matter, I am not normally an adventurous traveller) I am nervous. However, I have told my children that without stretching our limits or comfort zone - no growth comes. I hope I am right that this "adventure" will be what is good for them as a growing experience.

Part of what I find attractive about this experience is learning so much about the country of South Korea, it's people and history. I am also intrigued by the climate and geography of the country. It will be a wonderful place to be for inexpensive travel to so many places on that side of the world that we would normally not have the opportunity to visit. Places like Japan, China, Singapore, Taiwan and more.

I am hoping that at least for a little while I will be able to continue our current homeschool curriculum and lifestyle. I will be enrolling in online classes for myself as well. It will be nice if I have to do a few general education classes (despite my previous college credits) because it will give me a chance to figure out what I would like to focus on with my degree. I can't imagine anything better than getting my education along side my children and showing them that even in your mid thirties it is never to late to have your grand adventure!


  1. Hi there! I just happened upon your blog! My mother lives in South Korea and my husband may have orders to there for next spring!!!! I'm wondering if you are there already seeing as you wrote this in March?

  2. Caroline, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note. We did not end up going. However, my husband is there and if you are needing information I can have him see what he can find out. Let me know. Best wishes to you and your family!