Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Homeschool Holiday Break

If you are like a lot of homeschool families you probably take a break from homeschooling during the holidays. For my family this means keeping about the same schedule as the public schools in the area. We don't always do this but it is really fun for the kids to be out of school and available during the time that their friends are out of school and available to play.

Even while taking a break for holidays there are so many opportunities for learning during the holidays. There are opportunities for learning about how some homes have their lights synced with music or how they have their music broadcasting on a radio station for people to hear while they look at the lights. They can learn about the Christmas Tree industry and a bit about our environment while they are at it. They can learn the history as written in the Bible about the origins of Christmas and how other religions and countries celebrate. And as many parents can imagine, there are countless arts and crafts to go with the season!

Another fun way to look at the world and other places is to study how each country celebrates the New Year or when they have New Year's. These customs are fascinating and can help your students with geography as well as civics and other subjects. It can even be fun to make some of the traditions you learn about part of your families traditions.

The great thing about homeschooling is that every day can be educational if you just look at the ordinary things you are doing and talk about them or take them one step deeper. It's amazing how much learning can be done just by living through each moment and seizing the opportunities to explore that are naturally around us. Homeschool provides the perfect atmosphere to foster your child's natural tendency to explore and inquire.

Have a very happy holiday season and we hope your New Year is a very successful one!

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